Smurf Darts Super Singles League

Smurf Darts Super Singles


The 2015 Summer League is now underway. Stats are now available.


Contratulations to the winners of this year's Smurf Darts' Super Singles Leagues. The Tuesday night league concluded its final competition, completing its third season. High fives to Rick Webster as he up-ended the reigning champ Andre Carman.


The new Sunday league also finished in fine style. Kudos to the inaugral champ Jack Robinson defeating Randy "Smurf" Moffat in the final.


Smurf has added a Facebook discussion group for Super Singles. Link to it from the main menu.


Now Playing: The second franchise in Smurf's Super Singles opened this fall on Sundays at Hacks Sports Bar in Kitchener.


The second season of Smurf Darts Super Singles (Waterloo) has come to a conclusion. This year's champion is Andre Carmen. He defeated last years winner, Bernie Miller in the final round of the playoffs. Andre also won the regular season title with an amazing 235 wins (out of 255 games.) He also led the league in 180s (with 41) and had the second highest finish (150.) Congratulations Andre.


The inaugral season. Bernie Miller was the undisputed champ last year. He won the regular season handily, had most 180s and earned the playoff championship.


See you all next season!




Randy Moffat